Papers, writings

Articles and Book Chapters

Stock flow consistent model for France, 2022 with Jacques Mazier: Model Presentation  / System of equations and simulations

Des réformes financières pour des sociétés plus résilientes en Méditérranée, 2020 with Thomas Lagoarde-Segot, CMI-FEMISE

A simple finance-led SFC model, 2020 with Jacques Mazier, first chapter in Global imbalances and Financial Capitalism. Stock-Flow Consistent Modelling, Routledge

Wage-led demand as a rebalancing strategy for economic growth in China, 2020 with Bruno Jetin, in Journal of Post Keynesian Economics

Financialization and the macroeconomy. Theory and empirical evidence, 2019 with Céline Gimet and Thomas Lagoarde-Segot, in Economic Modelling (full article here)

¿Wage-led, profit-led o export-led? Un análisis empírico sobre los regímenes de crecimiento en América Latina (download article in Spanish here, télécharger résumé en français ici)

The Link between the Current International Monetary Non-System, Financialization and the Washington Consensus, 2017, in Research in International Business and Finance (full article here)

Is globalisation taking away jobs? An empirical assessment for advanced economies, with Antonia López (download article here)

Effective Demand in the Recent Evolution of the US Economy, 2013 with Julio López, in International Journal of Political Economy (full article here)

Financialized Growth Regime: Lessons from Stock-Flow Consistent Models, 2014 with Jacques Mazier, in Revue de la Régulation (download article here or see the permanent URL here)

Economic Policy and Income Distribution in France since the 1970s (this work consists of the introduction and the first chapter of my PhD thesis) (download article here, .pdf)


Details (in French) of my PhD thesis are available here.


The French Economy seen through the lens of an empirical Stock-Flow model. Presentation for the Chaire Energy and Prosperity Seminar, 13/07/2018 (download here)

Is globalization taking away jobs? An empirical assessment for advanced  economies, Presentation for the Grenoble Post-Keynesian & Institutionalist Conference: Instability, Growth & Regulation, 2017 (download here)

On the macroeconomic effects of financialization, Presentation for the Grenoble Post-Keynesian & Institutionalist Conference: Instability, Growth & Regulation, 2017 (download here)

Modélisation stock-flux cohérente et développement économique, Séminaire DIAL-IRD du 12 octobre 2017 (download here)

On the macroeconomic effects of financialization, presented at the AFEP Congress, 5-7 July 2017, Rennes (download here)

Wage-led, profit-led ou export-led? Une analyse empirique des régimes de croissance en Amérique Latine, presented at the Seminar of Political Economy in Paris 13 University June 6, 2017 (download here)

Economic Policy and Income Distribution in France since the 1970s, presented at the International Research Meeting in Business and Management 2-3 July 2015, Nice (download here)

Book Reviews

The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics, Lessons from Japan’s Great Recession, by Richard Koo (download review here)

End This Depression Now!, by Paul Krugman. (download review here)

Economic Reform Now, by Davidson, Flassbeck, Galbraith, Koo and Ghosh (download review here)


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